Tuesday, February 5, 2013

CRAFT DATE : Neat Freak Project #1 (Jewelry/Photo Organizer)

Dear crafters!
We are back with our first project that will be shared and made in this upcoming Craft Date event on 2nd March 2013 (Theme : Neat Freak) 

This is a simple and unique earrings / hairclips organizer that is made from recycled items. It can be personalised according to your personality and favourite colors! 

This one is done by me, and I'm really into colors and floral recently (which explain the really girly design) but don't worry, we'll get ready the decorations and embellishments according to every single participant liking!

The hard lace is perfect for clip on or dangling jewelries, and we'll be sharing with you the tips on securing the lace tightly and neatly in place! You will also have the option to choose from to make it a hanging organizer, or a standing one! 

What I'd like most of this first project we'll be doing, is that if this will be a gift for your loved ones, you'll also be able to clip on little DIY polaroid films (Tutorial and Freebie here!) when being gifted!

Best part? This is only one of the projects we will be making then, which means there's another one to come!

So, come on! 
Register and join us this 2nd March 2013 (Saturday) from 2pm - 5pm!

Check out more details on this event HERE!


Get yourself registered HERE!

Meeting you then, 

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