Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Simple and Not-So-Expensive Gifts This Valentine!

Although Chinese New Year and Valentine is pretty darn close this year, let's not forget to have some romance injected while house visiting! 

These ideas I found are great for couples who'd opt for a 'simpler' way out without compromising the romance! Some of these are also pretty cute to be package as gifts for house visiting this CNY, letting them know you are possibly the most sensitive and loving guest they'll ever receive ;)

First off, this Hershey's and Rolo V'day pencil is one of the most perfect gifts for friends and family for both the occasion! I'll be hoping to take some time off to make these for friends too!

This super cute '52 Reasons Why I Like You' is also a great alternative to Valentine Cards, arrange them by order and pour your heart out! I'm sure this would melt any person heart!

Next up, these little decorated matchbox also makes a cute gifts, hide them all around the place and have your loved one surprised everytime they find one! I'd change the candies into little notes or small presents for a healthier yet still as cheesy option!

Instead of presenting only one gifts, why not present him/her with little things that you know they love or cannot live without! Practical and still showing how much you care this valentine! This would also make an awesome house visiting gift!

Or why not just wake him up in the morning with his favourite cup of drink, with a simple heart stamp right in the center? Just the perfect way to wake up to the perfect person this valentine don't you think?

Share with us your simple way of showing affection to your loved one this Valentine! 

Lotsa Love,

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