Friday, February 8, 2013

Freebie Friday : DIY Mini Valentine Mailbox

Happy Holidays fellow crafters! I am sure most of us are already in our holiday mood by now, so to add on some fun, here is the freebie before we start our holidays!

DIY Mini Valentine MailBox!

I had much fun designing it and I hope these will be able to bring smiles to you and your friends this valentine! Simply print out the free printables below and start cutting, folding and sticking them together!

There are two versions for this mini mailbox, one is with little hearts pattern while the other one is plain so you can draw/stamp/stick/color on anything you want! 

Choose Ivory paper or any hard paper to make it easy for you to construct them!

Tips : Always stick from the center of the long stripe so you can have equal length for the mailbox 'legs' when finish! The flag at the side can be either stick on or attach using brad to make it functional!

 When you are done, leave it to dry for a couple of minutes then stuff them with marshmallows, cookies, sweets, love notes and little gifts! Go crazy and surprise your date! At the end, simply stick on a masking tape to secure the opening and it's ready to be delivered!

Save these files and print them out. Every A4 paper is able to make 2 mini mailbox. Happy Crafting!

Happy Chinese New Year and a sweet Valentine to all!


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