Monday, February 4, 2013

Crafting Tips: Ribbon Storage

Today I want to share about ribbon storage that works. This will be one of a series of posts on organizing craft spaces =) If you're into handmade and love DIY or even just hoarding pretty ribbons, I'm sure these simple ideas will help a lot!

So here are my top 5 favorites:

Spunky Junky shared her simple but effective ribbon storage 
for those of us who buy ribbons by the spool!
And its in expensive too! 

 Ever wonder what to do with those 'not long enough but too short' ribbon remnants?
 Louise from My May Sunshine has a brilliant idea to keep things organized! 
I am definitely giving this a try!

Another simple and inexpensive way for storing small amounts of ribbons, threads, yarns etc.
making these simple paper bobbins using recycled cardboards.

Anthea of TalesFromMountPleasant organized her ribbons on long bobbin cards. These are fantastic, and I love how she labeled the ribbon details on the paper bobbins. At one point I had my stash of ribbons organized this way too. It works great and is a real space saver. Plus you could organize them according to color or type per card, whatever your preference. (Visit her blogpost where she also shares a ribbon bookmark idea!)

Helena from Craft and Creativity shared her awesome project using tictac casings to store thinner ribbons! This would look so neat! Go check out her tutorial and post HERE.

Natalie from Doodle Craft showed how she used tongue depressors or large craft sticks to store ribbons.
I've personally tried this before, and it works great! Just remember not to wind the ribbons to tightly. I wound them up too tightly and when I unwound it, it had creases >.< so be gentle hahaha

Happy organizing!

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