Thursday, December 27, 2012

Top Three D.I.Y Best Finds!

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1) This precious gooey texture is non-other than the famous Mod Podge, only that this is homemade and it's suppose to be very much cheaper than the original Mod Podge...and it claims to work exactly the same! The next time you are heading out to shop for some Mod Podge, try this magical recipe and whisk out your very own! 

Flour, sugar, water & white vinegar
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2) Have a problem transporting all those helium balloons to your party? Here's one secret recipe to create helium gas alternative for your balloons! The next time it's your turn to host the party, make sure to experiment with this in advance, simply with vinegar + baking soda! Helium balloons cannot get any cheaper than this!

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3) Martha Stewart shared her homemade chalkboard paint recipe and it's a great one if you are looking forward to repainting your wall or decor with chalkboard paint! The best thing? You can make it in any colors you like instead of just the plain old black! 

Disclaimer : These recipe are found online and does not belong to us. Happy Experimenting!

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