Monday, January 14, 2013

Giveaway Question #4

We're at our 4th Giveaway today!
Two more to go! Wishing all of you the best of luck, and thank you all for participating!
Here's today's challenge:

1. Guess what the object in the picture is
2. Be accurate in your answer
3. Write your answer in the comment section below THIS POST.
4. We will compile persons with the correct answers and do a random draw to pick a winner.
*** Please leave some sort of ID/email add so that we can notify you if you have won!***


1. Please do not remove your initial post (if you have got the wrong answer), and re-post the correct answer in a second comment. Under such circumstances, you will automatically be disqualified. This is only to be FAIR to the other participants. So people, think long and hard before you hit the comment button! >__< (imagine if everyone removed their previous 'wrong answer' and re-posted the 'correct' answer...know what I mean? =P

2.  Multiple comments in the same giveaway question will NOT increase your chances of winning. 

3. You can participate in all 6 giveaways. BUT No same person can win more than one giveaway

4. Decisions are final
Have a cheery week ahead!


  1. Pandora Beads

  2. Pandora Beads....
    Ah Ling :<

  3. Pandora Beads~

  4. Pandora beads

    1. Hi dear, We have went you the Notification that you have won this giveaway. But you have not replied us with your full name and address. Did you provide us with the correct email? Please respond asap ya =) thank you!

  5. Murano Glass Beads

  6. Giveaway #4 has OFFICIALLY ENDED! This one can be a little tricky but there are most of you who got them right! The answer and winner is already updated! Do check them out at the latest post!