Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Freebies : Crown & Tiara Bookmarks


Hi! I'm back with Freebie Friday! I bought plenty of books recently (Thanks to the Big Bad Wolf 2012 Sales!) and I realized how often I read multiple books at one go. In the result of that, I ran out of cute bookmarks for my books, and one cannot run out of cute bookmarks. I'm serious.

I hate folding the pages corner, although I often resort to that, but I thought,why not design a bookmark and share it here too?
Simply cut out the shapes, fold and glue the folded area together!
What I like about these kind of slip-in bookmarks for the side of the pages is that it is convenient to store your books and still remain very visible at the same time! If you are a book lover, try these out and let us know how they work for you!

Simple to use - Simply slip them in the page you stop reading!
If you notice, I place this under a series that I named 'Little things in life' of which I hope I'll be able to bring more adorable freebie designs into this blog and be a little help in making things a little more convenient for you in your little things in life!

If you are interested to make these your own, simply save the file below and print it out with hard paper and enjoy the little DIY time, before we all go back to finishing that book!




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