Monday, March 4, 2013

Make Someone Happy Today!


There has been rain clouds over me these few days. So I thought of sharing some super quick "pick-me-up" crafts that you can make to brighten someone's day or just to make them smile!

Most projects are themed, but with a little bit of improvisation, you can personalize it. Not sure what to write? I've included some suggestions at the end of this post. 

Below each image are my suggestions for personalizing your DIY. 
Click on the images to link to tutorial/printable file.

1. Free Printable Tags by MoreCozy

IMPROVISE: Write a message behind the tag. It can also be used as bookmarks. 

2. Free Printable Dr. Seuss Quote Posters by Minted Strawberry
NO improvisation needed here! ^___^ Just print , roll it up and tie a ribbon around it!

3. Paperclip Bookmarks by Crystal from The Weekend Homemaker

IMPROVISE: Insert a small note with the paper clip 

4. Paper Airplane Boy Valentines by Delia Creates

IMPROVISE: You can skip the heart altogether, if you want to and change the message into your own message.

5. Valentine Pencil Toppers by Valerie of Inner Child Fun

IMPROVISE: Cut a strip of paper, fold around pencil or pen as shown in image. Glue paper together, or use a stapler to secure the paper to the pen/pencil. Staple as close to the pencil/pen as possible. You can even doodle or cut the ends in a "V" shape to make it look like a flag/banner. Write your own short note!

6. Printable Fortune Cookies by Amanda of Kind Over Matter

IMPROVISE: Use plain paper (draw your own doodles) , or cupcake liners (some already come in pretty colors or patterns). Use a stapler instead of glue to speed up your project. 
Write a happy note instead of a fortune. =P 

Not Sure What to Write?
Here are some suggestions:
  • Thank you for being a great friend!
  • You make me happy!
  • Smile! Somebody Loves You!
  • Hello, Beautiful!
  • You rock my world!
  • Sending some happiness your way!
  • Smile!
  • Keep your chin up!
  • Be Happy!
  • Have a Great Day!
That's all I've got in my head now >.< I'm sure you are all more creative than this!

So make someone happy today! Its super quick, inexpensive and I'm sure all the supplies can be found around you (in your house/ better still office!). 

Have Fun!

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