Friday, January 4, 2013

Looking forward for MONDAY?!

Yes we are!

Beii and I have some awesome surprises up our sleeves for you starting this Monday 7th Jan 2013, through to 18th Jan 2013!

If you haven't read Beii's personal note on her 'baby' - The Handmade Movement, head on HERE to read all about it! I'm truly privileged to have the opportunity to work alongside this awesome gurl!

Okay, back to the Surprises:
First up, we'll be opening the curtains to our new look for our THM blog!
Secondly, we'll be hosting 6 giveaways over 2 weeks, starting Monday!

With these in store for you when you wake up on Monday morning, we hope we'll be making 7th Jan 2013 the most awesome Monday you've ever year 2013... Hahahaha!

Enjoy your weekends! And don't miss us too much (haha), we'll be back soon!

Signing off,

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