Thursday, January 3, 2013

Starting Afresh

With 2013 arriving, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! It's a new year, and some even said it is a new era! I thank you for being here with us and showing much love and care throughout our THM journey, without you, we wouldn't have been anywhere near where we are today!

It'd been 3 years since I first started out The Handmade Movement and I'm certainly looking forward to many more years to celebrate handmade. With 3 years of memories, THM had came a long way, with many laughter and happiness but also of course unavoidably, many mistakes and changes. 

The Handmade Movement is a brainchild of mine from a simple thought, a thought of gathering everyone that love handmade and crafting to come together and experiencing the handmade world together. It was a very simple idea, and I can only thank you for being with us to experience the changes and growing of this space along with me every moment.

THM had made much changes since then, and Supplies Surprise! Bazaar was born (with yet another simple thought of being able to purchase craft materials from various vendors all in one go), I had to made a couple of changes here and there as our events continue to grow and in a result of that, I got to recruit my favorite person, Sung Ting on board with me!

THM had since two brain behind it, with Sung Ting's detailed and precise thinking and her passion for craft, our events had seen much improvement and many more exciting new craft related news and events are being introduced in THM.

Craft Date joined the THM family as a main event, with a simple idea of hoping we can bring craft parties with themes to a crowd of craft lovers, crafting and enjoying the time together. We both look forward to making it an main event that everyone will look forward too!

With the start of 2013, there will be many improvement and new changes made in THM that we believe will be worthy to look forward to, for all our lovely supporters, crafters and our dear vendors. Please look forward to what we have prepared for you, and we'll greet you again in a couple of days time, with a whole new look and an improve version of THM!


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