Monday, January 7, 2013


Happy Monday folks!

How do you like our new look? We hope it made you smile today =) 
There are still some broken links, so pardon us as we tend to the technical stuff a bit. (grin*)
And if it didn't we hope the giveaways will! Haha!

And the Giveaways start today!

So here is how it works.
Every alternate day, we'll post a picture HERE on our blog
  1. Guess what the object in the image is
  2. Write it down in the comments section below the post.
24 hours after the image was posted, we'll compile all the people who got the answers right. 
Then we'll make a lucky draw to pick a winner! 

T&C applies
1. Please do not remove your initial post (if you have got the wrong answer), and re-post the correct answer in a second comment. Under such circumstances, you will automatically be disqualified. This is only to be FAIR to the other participants. So people, think long and hard before you hit the comment button! >__< (imagine if everyone removed their previous 'wrong answer' and re-posted the 'correct' answer...know what I mean? =P

2.  Multiple comments in the same giveaway question will NOT increase your chances of winning. 

3. You can participate in all 6 giveaways. BUT No same person can win more than one giveaway

4. Decisions are final

This is all in the spirit of fun and celebrating handmade, so have FUN!!! 

Prizes are in the form of surprise packs, each consisting of a variety of goodies no less than RM5. Yes, they are all craft related, handpicked for craft lovers!


Have Fun!!!

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