Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Last Minute X'mas Parties Ideas

Something about Christmas always seem to lighten up the mood around the world a little bit more than the other festive seasons around, don't you think?

So obviously, we wouldn't be missing out on some x'mas fun here in The Handmade Movement too! If you haven't notice this week's entries are mostly written with some Christmas spirit! 

Just a little bit of randomness here, but the other day a buddy of mine actually asked a Christian what exactly is Christmas celebrating about, so I suppose many of us are not too sure of what we are celebrating this season eh? 
(If you really don't know what is Christmas actually celebrating about, please, really, go google it up!)

Since Sung Ting almost covered up everything for your Christmas preparation (really good entries don't you think? I didn't know the plastic trees can actually harm us!), I found some links to brighten up your Christmas Party (If you are hosting one!) Everyone loves parties with a twist, so here's some easy and achievable party ideas!

Aren't they the cutest? If you are not much of a baker or have a lazy-bone (like me!) ,an easy way to achieve this is to buy store bought icing covered doughnuts and embellish them with M&M-s, candies and choc chips! (Buy choc doughnuts for riendeers and mini pretzels for the antlers!)

Who would've thought these lovely frilly sides come from a simple white paper plate! Find out how they achieve it and make some for your parties! This is one great D.I.Y idea for parties all year round!

No helium balloons? Fret not, because you just found the next awesome idea! Instead of having them fly up, why not let them hang down? Just drop a marble into the balloon so they'll remain hanging down and not tangling around!

I went crazy wondering why I've never thought of these myselfs! We have plenty of bugs and what not in Malaysia, so let your guests have a peace of mind with just cutting a hole in the middle for the straw, and place it upside down over a glass! 

Another alternative if you are serving warm milk for your cozy party, why not pop in a snowman head (made with little doughnuts) Decorate with felt to make easy scarves and buttons!

Nothing will scream PARTY! as much as this cake! If you are getting a custom order, try this alternative! Don't ask me how, I guess you just roll wet cake around sprinkles. HAHA. (Yep, you got me right, I'm no Bakerella!)

Spray paint or buy ready made colorful pots and  simply place guests utensils in them! Easy to look for too!

If you like baking but not the coloring, here's a great alternative for you! Stack those cookies up with a little cream cheese / frosting and build those trees!

If it's too late for you to come up with a magnificent centrepiece for your partiy, here's one as easy as ABC! Just get all your blings and those ornaments, chuck them into one whole big glass container and you have it!

Have a blast this Christmas, and remember to come back tomorrow for some last minute gift-wrapping ideas!

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