Thursday, December 20, 2012

Last Minute Rush : Christmas Gift Wrapping

I guess by now you would've guessed I'm pretty much a last minute person. I don't like to finish things until I really need to, I would like to argue that this is a good habit to cultivate creativity (when you realized you don't have what you needed in hand you tend to think of other solution using what you have in hand!) but really, I guess it's a bad habit after all.

Anyway, if you are a hoarder. Congratulations!

We all know hoarder have an upper hand when it comes to last minute work. Most often than not, we have more than we need to let our creative juice running during the last minute rush! But if you are not one, keep calm and go on and look for today's paper or plain A4 paper. They'll serve you well enough for today's topic!

For the whole of last year, I was hoarding these brown kraft paper or anything organic looking for my wrap. I assume many of my gifts were all so brown my friends and family got a little bored! (Who am I kidding, you can never get enough of brown paper!) 

If you don't have, just use plain white paper or newspaper and wrap your gifts up! I love how they use pompoms , leaves and little fabric buntings as design! If you are a ribbon / yarn hoarder, you are really a winner this round! Go crazy with them, it's a season of giving anyway, so don't feel sad for using up those ribbons! (We all know you are going to shop so much more for them next year!)

Ornaments Wrapping : Older and Wisor, Pinterest Find, Tip Junkie, BHG

If you have a little more time to prepare, why not try these elegant and fun way of wrapping with Christmas ornaments?

But this year, I'm going colourful! I'll try to minimize my use of brown paper, and make things as colourful as possible...but often than not, colourful paper are expensive and for a cheapskate like me, Kaison located in Paradigm Mall, is here to save us! They sell cute wrapping paper at RM0.50 each, and I think that is pretty much a steal!

And because those X'mas trees ornaments are going for so cheap recently, I feel a little sorry for not buying I bought some to embellish the gifts. You can also find cheap pretty ornaments at Kaison or even 中国风 (Zhong Guo Feng) which had recently open a new branch just beside Meng Tien at Taman Megah.

The gifts I bought were mostly for children so I decided to just go crazy with everything...since I'm pretty much a hoarder of all kinds. If you are as lazy as I am to tie those ornaments around with ribbon, then just stick them on with tape and cover with other embellishments such as buttons, stickers and bows! 

The plus point to taping them on is that instead of just having ornaments balls sticking out from the ribbon, you'll have dangling ones! And I love dangling stuff, so I'll stick to being lazybone for a tiny while before I set a new year resolution to become a hardworking woman!

So this will be my Christmas wrapping this year, how about yours?

Look out for more exciting entries and updates from us! 


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