Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Eco Friendly Ornaments

How are you today?

 I hope you've all gotten over your Monday blues? If you haven't I hope my small selection of handmade ornaments will brighten up your day a little.

In line with my previous post on "alternative" Christmas trees (read it HERE), here are some handmade eco-friendly Christmas ornaments. It's a mixture of rustic and modern styles that lend a fresh look from the traditional ornaments you would expect to see. These are no ordinary typical baubles, and best of all, they are all handmade! Enjoy!

Acorn Felt Decorations 

(made of real acorn caps picked from the woods, and natural fibers)

(by Fairyfolk on ETSY)


 Gold Christmas Tree Ornaments

(made by assembling handmade paper beads)

Tree Branch Christmas Ornaments

(by thesittingtree on ETSY)

Blue Eggs in Nest

(nests are made form natural vine, and wooden eggs)

(by Fairyfolk on ETSY)

Aren't they all beautiful? That's all from me for now! Stay tuned for Beii's Pinterest Picks tomorrow for more crafty inspiration!

Have a great weekend ahead,


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