Monday, December 17, 2012

An Alternative Christmas


Christmas is just round the corner. Have you put your Christmas tree up yet? This year, I am particularly attracted to the many alternatives that you can have instead of the traditional tree.

At first, it only caught my attention because they looked so pretty but still maintained the Christmas-sy feeling while providing something fresh for the eyes. But after some good blog-surfing, I came to know that there are so many plus points to the "alternative" Christmas Tree!

spotted on via pinterest

For starters, it gives you a chance to be eco-friendly! That's what I like about it most (I'm a big fan for sustainability)! The typical fake trees that most of us are used to are actually very toxic and contain lots of chemicals that are not good for humans as well as nature.

Think about the amount of plastic, and components that are not biodegradable. So then why not get a real tree? Because, although it is au-naturel it is not such a sustainable choice. Every year, trees that took years to grow are chopped down just for the season and then dumped when it's over. 

kate-spade inspired deco by style me pretty (via pinterest)
 So besides doing your bit to help preserve whatever we have left of nature, these alternative trees allow for endless possibilities! They allow for easy and simple set-up, storage and take up as little space as possible. Which is definitely a plus point for those who live in small spaces.

adorable setup by  featured in Apartment Therapy by Jane of All the Luck in the World
It allows you to showcase the simple favorite things that you love, in a stylish way. All the little trinkets that hold special memories, keepsakes and souvenirs will also provide good points for conversation when guests come over. 
my favorite! simplistic and versatile setup by HeltEnkelt
Apart from that, you get to have a more personalized and meaningful deco. I'm all for making memories, and if there's one tree that I would love to make, it will be this one! Imagine how you can change the photos according to the happenings of the year etc.

So, these are my favorite craft ideas for today. I hope you enjoyed them! So what do you have at home? Feel free to share an idea or photo at our facebook community page here! We'd love to see them!


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