Monday, April 29, 2013

A Great Start for 2013!

Hello and a very good morning to all of you!

Not long ago, Supplies Surprise came back, in Beii's words "with a BAM!!!" as we had our first bazaar of the year 2013. It was our 9th Supplies Surprise Bazaar. And it did come back with a BAM! indeed =) And we owe it all to our awesome vendors and lovely customers who helped to promote the handmade spirit through our bazaar! We are forever grateful to each one of you for your support and interest.

This time round, we had a few changes to our bazaar.

Previously we operated on a "first come first served" basis. This meant that whichever vendor signed up first would automatically be on the vendor list unless they did not meet our basic criteria.

This SSB 9, we accepted as many registrations as possible, and curated each vendor, doing research on their products and interesting supplies. We then picked the best possible mixture of vendors to be in SSB9. It was a very difficult process indeed, with so many qualified vendors, with good products.
However, we were strictly limited by physical space.

Haha this was a challenging change and I must personally thank all the vendors for putting up with my inadequacies and mistakes I might have made.

Thank you all for your kind understanding and patience! Instead of the previous system of choosing booths in a "first come first served basis", Beii wanted to allow vendors to be able to choose their own booth space before the actual bazaar day to save the stress and tension of vendors having to come very early.

We hope it went alright. But we are definitely working on improvements =) Again, thank you for your valuable feedback.

As mentioned above, we cut down our booth quota from the previous 35 booth to only 30 booths. After useful and honest feedback from vendors and also our personal observations, Beii decided that it would be best to have less booths.

This way, each booth will have more space, allowing vendors to work comfortably. And equally important, we hoped that it would create a better shopping experience for our customers with wider 'walk-ways'.

BFree Studio was renovated over SSB's long hiatus, and we now have a new arrangement. Although it is still a new floor plan, we hope to improve it further benefit our vendors in terms of booth placings and arrangements.

This time round, we had our in-house Cafe with a yummy menu of the Famous Chicken Curry Briyani Rice, Vegetarian Fried Rice, Healthy Salad, and Pasta with sides of sausage and salad. We make reservations for vendors, but make some extras too, so if you're lucky you might be able to grab yourself some good food when you visit us next SSB.

And I saved the Best for last! We had a fairly successful Birthday Surprise for our dear dear Beii! 
We are so happy to have all of our SSB9 vendors celebrate with us, and I must thank all of you for actually staying back (instead of rushing off as you usually do >.< ) after the photo shoot! 
I'm almost positive we had A LOT OF FUN?

If you missed SSB9, no sweats! SSB10 will be happening on the 6th of July, 
and vendor registration will be opening soon.

A note to all vendors: We are trying to operate on a rotation basis to give potential vendors a chance for exposure in our bazaar. So if you have applied previously but did not get accepted, please do try again! We want to offer our visitors a good variety of supplies and maintain the quality of our bazaar =)

Signing out!


  1. Hi! I was at your Bazaar and it is my 2nd visit. Must say that I like the arrangement this round.

    I'm looking forward to your next one.


  2. Hi Thanny, thank you for your continuous support! we do appreciate all your feedback as well! Glad to know you liked our previous bazaar! We will try harder to further improve and serve our vendors and customer better! Thank you and we hope to meet you again!!

    On a personal note, Thank you Sung Ting for such a great write up! and although you always don't credit yourself enough, please know that all these great ideas are from you!