Friday, April 5, 2013

SSB final Sneak Preview!

Good Morning Friday!!!

This will be our final sneak preview for SSB9, but do stay tuned for more info on Promotions, Discounts and Offer Deals by our some of our generous vendors!

Come visit Brenda at her little old-skool shop, named after her two precious little princesses, Sasha n Myra! Here, you will find all things girly, cute, pink, and old-skool for your little ones or for the kid in you! Haha!
She also has plenty of old-skool items, such as paper dolls, stickers, little tea-time sets, cute buttons, fabrics and ribbons fit for your precious little girls! Well, boys won't miss out too, since she also has playing cards like SNAP, Old Maid, Donkey, and those good old time 'plastic bubbles' that you can blow up and won't burst! (I've seen adult visitors playing with them too!)

Joining us for the first time this SSB9, is Puuv Soap who will be bringing a range of soap-making supplies such as essential oils, carrier oils, molds, as well as ready made products like liquid shampoo, tonics and body-care products! Plus point? They're mostly organic!

Calling all plushie lovers! Bubuwa has DIY kits of various cute and cuddly softies for you to make for yourself, or for your loved ones! Everything you need to make the dolls will be in the kit, with easy to follow instructions and templates. Great for folks who want to give sewing a try without buying a big amount of supplies!

Finally, we have another awesome environment-loving fabric vendor! Cokotto Shop carries a delectable range of organic cotton, perfect for making clothes, and quilts for babies and children with sensitive skin! It's free from all chemicals involved in typical cotton fabrics and super comfortable and soft to touch! And the patterns....are NOT boring at all! They're so cute you'd have trouble making choices. Haha. She also carries designer fabrics from US and Japan, perfect for all your sewing projects =)

Meet UniCharms and ping'sPRODUCT this coming SSB9! They will have you squealing with delight with all their kawaii and cute creations =) Everybody needs some 'cute' in their lives, don't you think?

So COME! =)
Support our local vendors, and splurge a little on yourself, restock your supplies (you can never have enough..ahemm) and meet our friendly vendors, and make new crafty friends!

 Don't forget to tune in on MONDAY, 
for info on 
Awesome deals, Promotions and Discounts
 from some of our vendors at SSB 9!
Boy, do we love cheering up your Mondays!
 Haha =)
Enjoy your Weekend!

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