Friday, November 2, 2012

Tomorrow will be AWESOME!!!

It's FRIDAY!!!!
When you come to SSB this round, be sure to be prepared for some of these special goodies provided by SSB Team!

Yes! Our dearest aunt and mom got excited at SSB7 and told me straight they wanted to have a cafeteria during SSB8 ! Thanks to them, we'll be enjoying affordable & yummy homemade food and drinks THIS SATURDAY, so do drop by the cafeteria located in the

small room when you're here! There will be chairs around for eating too!

This is a special add on for this festive season! We'll be having a fun SSB8 christmas themed photobooth that is free for all! So dress yourself up, get silly with our props and snap a photo of you and your buddies this Saturday! The photobooth is also located inside the small room alongside with our cafeteria!

Free candies are being sponsored by our sub-event CRAFT DATE in the conjunction of our latest craft party event : Christmas Wonderland! So spot the organizers giving away free candies randomly!

Also placed alongside with the photobooth and our cafeteria is our Craft Date booth! A special promotion will be offered to all visitors on SSB8 to join us in the upcoming craft party at only RM50! (N.P : RM60) So come on over THIS SATURDAY and register away!

See you tomorrow!

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