Thursday, November 8, 2012

Never too Early for Christmas!!!

To all of you who came to visit us at SSB8 last Saturday, we thank you for your support! Especially to our dear vendors, because without you there would be no SSB at all =) We hope that all of you had a good time as Beii and I tried to make this SSB8 as fun as possible!

So to re-cap, some pictures to help!

Setting up for the bazaar the night before. Hmm, that handsome over there is Beii's son helping me pick up random pompoms for me to glue to the mini santa hats. Haha and that bigger handsome over there in red is my husband =) helping us out with the CRAFT DATE lookbook. 

Beii made a new arrangement for the booth stalls, and we hoped it fared well with all of you? We'll keep trying to make some improvisations here and there to find the best possible arrangement!

And the SSB8 Cafe on the actual day! And also our Christmas themed photo booth decorated and prepped with all the cute props by Beii.

And here, our CRAFT Date Promo Corner! with a sample of the crafts we'll be making together!
And free candy for promoting our CRAFT DATE!
Wanna Join? CLICK HERE! =)
And here are our cheeky happy vendors! We hope you had fun! We want our SSBs to be fun not only for our guests but also for our vendors too! And we hope you loved your mini santa hats! Haha!

And all the Christmas feelings flooded the bazaar, thanks to Christmas themed supplies of all sorts including fabric, panel fabrics ( one panel came with triangles for you to cut and sew into a Christmas Bunting!!!), quilling kits, clay charms, die cut gift tags., clay embelishments, to mention a few) and also some very creative booth decor!

Not forgetting an abundant variety of supplies for gift wrapping, such as twines, mesh ribbons, bright colored buttons, embellishments, bells, tape and ribbons all set for gift wrapping!

 We are constantly proud to introduce new items that our vendors bring in to each of our SSB! 

This time round, Ain of Cokotto Fabrics finally got a whole collection of brand new 100% Organic Cotton (probably the only place you can find organic cotton in KL at the moment!). 

Eric of HandsHeartsResources brought in a good variety of new imported fabrics from US all with bright and playful colors! One that especially caught my eye was the one with the piglet prints, it had permanent glitter on it (washable)! 

Next, Alicia from Love and Craft never fails to bring a fresh catch each time she comes. This time, she brought polo-tee material for making collared tees! 

Last but not least I spotted these lovely lace and trimmings by Bubuwa! They feel so soft and delicate!   

Then we have Aifel Craft Cottage who brought in the Promarker (double tip) which I can persoanlly say would be on any budding illustrators wishlist! 

New range of interesting 3D charms by Wing's Zakka and amazing miniatures by Vivi of Vivi Zakka (look at those phones!!!). 

Jenny, of JP Beads brought elastic bands of pretty shades and different widths, mainly for bookmaking but can be used for whatever your creativity prompts you. 

Gimmick's brought hama/iron-on bead templates! 

And Nyx-Little Cottage had a selection of cute snap on buttons in shapes such as bunnies, little girls, and even faces of a mom, dad, a kid and a baby! 

Another item that caught my eye was the CLOVER brand needle felting applique mold by Greenie Clover! 

And we had our little dash of handmade items too!

Yummy looking girly ribbon clips and hair pins for princessess by SweetyDiyRibbons! (no doubt inspired by her pretty little princess!) , Kawaii but functional crocheted goods by MMSouvenirs; some ''punk" rock /avril-lavigne-style brooches by Candymade; appliqued pouch and key purse by Little Nyx Cottage; delicate clay charms and also cute handmade baby booties! (can you resist the googly eyes?!!!...i couldn't! Ha!)

And I thought I'd like to share a little about this vendor, Penguin Workstations. 

She makes plant cultures in bottles and when they grow to be too big for the bottle, you can re-pot it. But if you choose not to, it will remain the size of the bottle, like a mini bonsai.  
She sees it as a means of education to children. As the plant grows, the transparent gel enables us to see the growth and development of the plant itself (especially the roots). She says, this is an interesting way to teach children about plant life.

Apart from that, it is also a good way to incorporate some nature into our busy everyday life, while it is easy to care for as it only requires sunlight to thrive.

The plants come in many varieties, including orchids, herbs and even succulents. 

One for the BOYS!
Lastly, I would like to share about MayMayShop! I only recently discovered (what a shame!!! huhu) that this lady has a good variety of BOY-ish fabrics!!!! YES! 

How difficult it can be to find fabrics for boys when all the fabric in the world seems so sweet and girly, right?!!! Well, MayMayShop has it all for the BOYS (must be because of the princes in her life <3 ) !

 And I was completely smitten! (By the way, the prints in th picture below, were all SOLD OUT on SSB8! I didn't even get to have a last peek at them!)

And Finally, Our Group photo! Till we meet next year, we wish all our lovely vendors all the best and thank you all for your support and lovely times we have shared together!

See you Next Year! We'll be Back, hopefully with More SURPRISES! 
After all, we are in the SURPRISE business aren't we?!

Beii & Sungting
The Handmade Movement
~celebrating handmade~

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