Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Variety of Surprises in a SURPRISE!!!

First of all, we would like to thank everyone who participated in our previous Supplies Surprise Bazaar 7! Thanks to all vendors and visitors alike, because without all of you, we wouldn't have a fun event!

We were very fortunate to have wonderful weather on that day. And we also had a new setup system to include more vendors. It's not the best arrangement, but we're working on it >.< Plus we had some new additions to out environment, like our specially RESERVED SEATS, 
and our Craft Date promo corner =)
Registration is still open, so you can read all about it here!

So what did our vendors surprise us with this time round? 

As usual of course we have an abundance of fabric for sale! And this time our vendors brought new prints, from Moda Fabrics, Riley Blake, Robert Kaufman! And as promised, Kelly from Fabric Fanatics gave out RM5 coupons for the first 50 visitors for buying fabric from her shop.

There were also new patterns for linens, like the "little people of the world" at the bottom left corner of the pic below. Haha that's my favorite!

New fabrics include washed cotton linen, which has a softer touch to it. Also, there was an increased variety of  new and colorful knitted jersey prints for making tees and stretchable clothing.

To my delight, a vendor brought organic fabric by Birch Fabrics for sale too! Organic fabric is very gentle and chemical free, and is the best especially for newborns and children with allergies. They come in a variety of cute and unique prints, and they do feel so soft!!!

Apart from that, we had other range of non-cotton fabrics, there was an abundance of PU and faux leather fabrics. As you can see above, vendors had corrugated, patterned and even pastel colored PU's. A highlight would be the "salvaged" leather by Coo-coo Crafts who collect leather pieces from end-of-line furniture or rejected furniture and cut them into neat pieces. Don't worry! They are all un-used so it means they are new. 

Besides, We had waterproof fabric in cute prints, quality felt fabric in a rainbow choice of colors, and also plush fabric, that felt so fluffy and soft! There was also velvet like plush fabric in a variety of light pink, white, black, brown and grey. These would be perfect for making teddies or any softies!

And of course, no fabric or sewing project would be complete without these essential raw materials and notions, like lace trimmings, bag handles, purse frames, eyelet punching tools, bias tapes, fusible webbing and cotton tapes. And look at those gorgeous zippers by Zincmade!
And of course, buttons!!!

Then we have our jewelry making supplies as you can see below, some beads and yummy handmade clay charms, notice the cute Angry Bird Charms!
And new equipment and tools for paper arts such as die-cut machines, quilling tools, scrap booking and stamping supplies and tools, as well as pretty papers and handmade paper notions as embellishments or card making etc. One new tool is the "paper scorer" for easier, neater and faster card-making, brought to you by our vendor, E-dorable. And this time we also have mt tapes brought in by Finders Keepers with a very reasonable price indeed!

Other miscellaneous and interesting finds include dolls eyes of all shapes and sizes, colors and styles, brought in by our familiar vendor, LessSugar! In my personal experience for searching for doll's eyes (in Malaysia, Singapore and even Australia!), I have NEVER seen such an extensive collection of dolls eyes as she has to offer! She has certainly "wow"ed us with so many new products this time, with her patterned PU, extra chunky yarns in corrugated colors (good for quick and fast knitting/crochet projects, or even to use as doll's hair!!!) 

Apart from that we have very cute and fancy ribbons, as well as cute patterned and colored elastic bands from Sasha and Myra! 

Square Art brought her ammo of acrylic mosaic tiles in all colors imaginable. Personally Yours had pearly textured dome flatbacks, and our new vendor 

Little Thoughts Station came with a variety of silicon moulds that were so cute and tempting! The houses stole my heart instantly!
And also joining us for the first time is Greenie Clover with her extensive collection of clover products ranging from knitting needles, crochet hooks, tatting cables, pom pom makers, patchwork templates and so much more!

A new trend this SSB7 was surprisingly DIY kits by quite a few vendors! Which is a perfect alternative for budding crafters who are attempting their first few DIY projects, or even for seasoned crafters who want to learn a new craft! The pic below shows some of the craft kits available, including DIY projects for cross stitch, felt projects, sock dolls, miniature art and doll making.

Since our bazaar also includes a few vendors selling handmade goods, 
here were some of the handmade crafts that we had.
Not forgetting our two illustrators, Coffee Art from Blue2gether and 
Marker Art from Little Thought Stations!

And finally, I couldn't resist but to highlight some fun and interesting things from 3 vendors in particular >.<  
Our lovely vendor from Finders Keepers who joined us for the first time brought her collection of fun, quirky and quaint items, some handmade and some collected from all over the place! 

Then we have our cute vendor from Sunday Comforts who always brings a doll as part of her display, proudly posing her doll for the camera!!! 

Not forgetting our amazing vendor Little Koh with her unbelievable collection of tiny miniatures, who sold completed handmades and also tiny items for your own miniature DIY's

Then we have our lovely bubbly Brenda who named her business after her two lovely girls, Sasha and Myra. She always brings a corner of memory lane to our bazaar every time. You can find many items and toys even, from childhood! She definitely loves old-school! And never fails to transport me back to my childhood each time I visit her booth! And because she is an awesome mommy, She has in stock all the lovely girly supplies and toys, stickers and other cute stuffs up for sale!


So, to sum up, I wish I could write so much more to include everyone of you, but I have human limitations!!! Unfortunately! And I personally thought that SSB7 was one of the SSB's that rocked! Because of new and familiar vendors and their efforts to continuously provide us with new and interesting goods! We really appreciate all your efforts and we will also do our best in making our Bazaar better and more conducive for both our vendors and customers alike!

Owh, before I sign off, 

SUPPLIES SURPRISE 8 is on the 3rd NOVEMBER 2012!

See you Soon!
The Handmade Movement
~celbrating handmade~

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