Thursday, July 12, 2012

Baby Steps

One year ago in July, was the first ever Supplies Surprise Bazaar where the idea of organising a supplies bazaar was a dream that came to reality from the creative mind of miss Beii Tan Li Voon. I met her for the first time then, and she was as bubbly and cheerful as she is now.

Back then, on the very first
Supplies Surprise Bazaar, there was just a handful of us joining the bazaar. It was a first in its kind, specifically focused on selling supplies that were difficult to find. I must say it  was quite a brave step to venture in. But with the growing support of vendors and increased interest in handmade and DIY, Supplies Surprise Bazaar 6 celebrated its 1st Birthday on 7th of July with 32 vendors!

We wouldn’t have made it so far without all your support, vendors and customers alike! As a gesture of gratitude, SSB organized a Giveaway Contest of RM50 vouchers to 2 lucky winners. (You can see the details of the contests and the winners here). Congratulations to Liew Suk Ching and Serena Chew ! And thanks to all who participated!

At about 11.00am, vendors started diligently setting up their booths to make it look fantastic. Reason being that the most attractive and favorited booth will be rewarded with a complimentary booths for the next 3 consecutive bazaars to come! This contest is still open for voting and you can show your support by visiting our SSB6 Vendor Contest Album here.

There were many interesting and delightful setups as the vendors put their creativity into play. Each booth was unique in its own way. At about 11.30am, visitors started entering the premises and making their way around the bazaar, leisurely feasting their eyes on the wide spread of craft and DIY supplies.

This is how it looked like at around lunchtime!

It was pretty packed! 



So what did SSB6 have to offer this time round?

Fabrics of all kinds, including cotton, linen, fabric with plastic dots (anti slip), t-shirt fabric, corduroy, designer fabrics from Japan and US, beautiful laminated fabric (waterproof) with fantastic print designs, felt, PU / faux leather and even chalkboard fabric! 

There were irresistible ribbons and trimmings and plenty of beautiful lace and cute printed cotton tapes, cotton bias tapes made of pretty fabrics buttons of all sorts and shapes, quality imported zips of all lengths and colors, bag clasps as well as bag making thread, purse-frames and chains. Other small goodies include crocheted flowers and felt embellishments and felting wool.

Apart from that, we had a good variety of paper craft supplies as well. There was a complete array of quilling supplies, including quilling tools, papers and brand new laser cutting machine for precision paper cutting crafts with a hands on demo by Aifel Crafts. Scrapbooking equipments like rubber stamps, stamp carving equipments, stamp pads, mod podge and beautiful scrapbooking papers and embellishments of all sorts including pretty punched paper motifs, paper flowers, brads and paper doilies. 

There were also Japanese Zakka and Korean style stickers and adhesives, that allow for personalization, which seem to be a trend that is picking up among youngsters. All of these items are imported.    

There were also a good spread of jewelry findings such as necklace link chains, faux leather straps, base settings, glass domes, earring posts/hooks, and many more. There were also beads and semi precious stones apart from the very popular detailed and unique antique gold charms. These antique gold charms are especially popular as custom made gifts. Just select your favourite charms and the lovely lady with put them together onto a chain bracelet for you for a small fee.

A few vendors also sold books teaching you how to make handmade bags, sewing projects, quilling and stamp carving. There were also some wooden embellishments and light air drying clay for your own DIY as well as cute wind up toy bases! 
DIY kits for cross stitch and doll-making were also for sale.

We had some vendors selling handmade products/finished goods too. Among the many are handmade beaded bookmarks, ribbon bookmarks, handmade dolls, cabochon pendants and earrings, button themed jewelry and other unique jewelry creations. Handmade totes, fabric book-covers, and clutches were also for sale. 

Also, we have our very own handmade body care and aromatherapy vendors. Namely Bubblesland and Lullabelle handmade soap. One focusing on using essential oil glycerin soaps and therapeutic massage oils of her own concoctions as well as a wide variety of essential oils for aromatherapy oil burners. Lullabelle Handmade soaps on the other hand focuses on body care soap bar shampoos for body, hair and face. She makes lip balms, nail ointments and sugar scrubs! Both their products are all handmade with love, and uses all natural ingredients that are gentle to your skin and beneficial to your wellbeing.

Then we have Tiny Pinc, a crafter who makes miniature goodies using polymer clay. Her creations consists of an array of yummy cakes and biscuits, waffles and eggs on toasts, french pastries and also happy things like rainbows, cameras, lips! and kitties. All these are incorporated into charms for a necklace or bracelet, Hp straps and rings. Her latest creation being her cute and adorable kitty pluggies!

A fairly new craft was introduced by Square Art, using arcrylic tiles in a few square sizes available in many beautiful colors, pearlescent, shiny and matte. These tiles are then used to customize wooden items such as picture frames, coasters, and mirrors etc. It reminded me of mosaic art, but at a more affordable price!

Leenie’s Bakery were baking yummy and delicious smelling soft choc-chip cookies filling the room with “free smells” haha. They had a few of they’re custom made fondant cake models, which they make on custom order. They even make cakes for doggies!

Another interesting vendor sold hand drawn and hand painted coffee art, which she paints on the spot. Wondering what coffee art is? Well, its simply painting using a brush and replacing watercolor for coffee! And it smells good too! Each of her creations are unique and one of a kind.

Also with us was Sasha and Myra, a shop by Brenda Ang, named after her two lovely daughters. At her booth, you will find yourself going back in time to your childhood days, with her collection of paperdolls, old card games, vintage style coloring books, cute bags and other sweet playthings. 

At the end of the bazaar, needless to say, everyone was really tired but we all had a great time as you can see in the “family picture”! 


So we’d like to say thank you once again to everyone who came, vendors and visitors for joining us on our very 1st Birthday! It is a very meaningful milestone for us, and thank you being around to see us through our first year. We are 1 now, and we have more surprises in store, coming soon. Do continue to give us your precious love and support, and let us together make a handmade revolution! haha...not so soon not so soon. But big things do come from big dreams right?

That’s all for now, continue dreaming big, and we wish you all the very best in your handmade journeys. Long Live Handmade!

Beii & Sungting
SSB team

  • For those of you who missed SSB6, I hope my article made you wish you came? (just kidding, I’m wicked like that >.< ) Don’t miss the next one, and come join the fun, and stock up on yummy and difficult to find treasures, all at Supplies Surprise Bazaar! See you soon! - sungting

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