Thursday, March 17, 2011

Handmade Household Soap Review!

Sorry I've been slow in updating!

I've been very tired with so many things to handle so I'm in the midst of updating The Handmade Movement to be a more efficient and friendly site for all our beloved crafters and hopefully i'll be able to focus on other things when I have this settled!

As for our Handmade Household Soap class last week, it'd been quite a hectic one!
First our electricity supply doesn't seems to be working great on the day and it keeps cutting off in the middle of the class! And then Patty's weighing machine decided to quit at the middle of the class as well and I had to run under the rain to get a new one! We must have been quite unlucky that day!

But thank you to Patty and all the lovely students for being understanding and not blasting out at us! We're improving our center, and have everything look out now so hopefully your next experience with us will be a good one!

We received several reviews on Patty's class and was delighted to see all the pretty soap cut out! Check them out for yourself !

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