Monday, February 28, 2011

TiniHani's Felt T-Shirt Class Summary.

Our first class had finally kick off last Saturday!
Thanks to Tini and all of the attendees, it was a really exciting day! I only took couple of photos but I'm so glad that all 12 students attended the class and that Tini was a really awesome teacher.

Some of the students came all the way from Seremban and Kelantan, all gathered for the same passion!

Although most of them couldn't finish their handmade product at the end of the class, they were still very happy with the class and I'm sure they will proceed to finish their very own handmade Felt T-Shirt by themselves!
With the first class started off, I see many ways on improving our handmade movement and to make it more convenient for all participants, there are endless possibilities and I'm very excited about that.

We even had a couple of students that came for the wrong class (oops! Sorry if I confused you with the dates!) and I wish to say my sorry here! I'll be hoping to meet you again soon!^^

Thanks again to Tini and all of you that had attended! I can't wait for all the other class to start and to meet everyone of you that have the same passion as I do!

Handmade is love!


  1. i'm so embarassed to say it was actually me (and my friends) who got the dates mixed up. totally not your fault. we were lost for an hour and thought we were late for class.. turns out we were a month too early!! ;D

  2. Hi Shelby! It was great to see you and your friends that day though! I thought I gave you the wrong dates, I am still thinking of a way to make the website more organized with details clear so I don't get anyone confused! :D And at least you won't be late to the class now that you've found your way to us! ^^